Dr. Wright’s Lipedema Reviews

Very Professional & Caring

“Dr Wright is just amazing! Not only is he an excellent physician, he is a great person. Dr Wright is very professional and caring. I felt very comfortable in talking with Dr Wright about my care. His office staff is fantastic. Everyone works well together to provide Top Level care to their patients. I drive well over an hour and a half to get to his office …. that should say enough right there :)”*

I Feel Like I Am Getting My Life Back

“Dr. Wright and his staff are amazing. I have a clotting disorder as well as severe Lipedema in my legs. The pain and swelling were horrible. Thanks to Dr. Wright I feel like I am getting my life back and definitely my mobility. You won’t be sorry you used him!!! I have referred at least 5 other family members and they share my opinion and gratitude to him.”*

Best Doctor’s Office EVER

“This office has to be the best Doctor’s office EVER. I drive almost 2 hours to see Dr Wright. He is well worth the drive. He is very personable and caring. His entire staff is awesome! Such a great group of people who are there to help you!”*

The Surgical Experience Was Excellent

“I had my first surgery with Dr. Wright in St. Louis last Thursday. I had the thighs done with 5 liters removed. I just want to say a few things for those that are considering surgery.

The location is in the suburbs. So you fly into St. Louis, you drive about 25 minutes to O’Fallon and you can find several decent hotels literally 3 minutes from the office. Many of these hotels offer a suite with a kitchen. My hotel, the Residence Inn was located right next to a Cracker Barrel and a Walgreen’s. Several other restaurants, a hospital, and a grocery store nearby. So for me this was a low stress location for both me and husband who occasionally needed to run out for extra bandages or meals.

Office experience: Well from the start outstanding and low pressure. Very much appreciated interacting with Dawn the coordinator. They all have their act together. No confusion, everything on time, and provided excellent care. The nurses are compassionate and helpful. The procedure is completed in the office with no issues that I can raise. Plus, the office is literally two minutes from a hospital if by some chance you had an issue or complication. But I must add they took every precaution during the procedure and I felt well monitored and cared for.

Procedure: Had a pre-op appointment the day before. They do an ultrasound of your veins to make sure everything is ok. The next day I had the surgery. I was afraid of being awake…but really it was fine. The tumescent going in wasn’t too bad…I would say more uncomfortable. Not sure if it would be worse on other areas. The pain meds are strong. I was a very sleepy throughout the procedure. Dr. Wright spoke to me through most of the procedure when he wasn’t singing. 🙂 I was told that they used very little pain meds during the procedure. Five liters removed and they bandaged me up. Was a little dizzy afterwards but was back at the hotel five hours after the procedure started and walked up the stairs to my hotel room.

Dr. Wright: Down to earth and compassionate doctor. Will spend considerable time speaking with you before, during, and after procedure. Did follow up calls daily after the procedure (nurse called first day and he called the second). I had some concerns about meds and compression and he listened to my concerns. Also, has excellent staff and they seem to work very well together and appear to enjoy their work. Dr. Wright is, in his own words, “more conservative” than some other doctors. He is not going to strive to take out the most fat possible because he doesn’t want to hurt you. But I am ok with that and it is one of the reasons why I choose his practice.

Post: Flew two hours home yesterday. Five days post-op. Still bloated with no weight loss but a few inches smaller. Sore, bruised, and stiff but otherwise ok. Going for MLD today and started using Flexi-touch last night. Next surgery (arms and calves) scheduled for late October.

So I would say the surgical experience was excellent. My biggest complaint is that it is hard the first few days with all the bandages and putting on and taking off compression over them. I think it is safe to say that I hate compression! That I think has been the biggest struggle for me. Now I guess I need to patient and heal a bit!”*

Kind and Helpful

“Dr. Wright and his staff were very kind and helpful. They were an honest pleasure to work with.”*

They Know Lipedema!

“A very friendly, respectful office staff and Doctor! Best experience of any doctor I have ever had, and I have had quite a few in my lifetime! They know Lipedema, how it affects you, what can be done, received my diagnosis. I consulted another surgeon, but felt most comfortable with Dr Wright and his staff for my surgeries. And excellent results with the first surgery! Lots of personalized care!”*

Outstanding Partners On This Journey Together

“I recently had lymph-saving, tumescent liposuction to relieve symptoms of lipedema in my legs. I chose Dr. Wright precisely because of his knowledge, skill and caring concern in treating patients with lipedema and lymphedema. I can already tell my legs are smaller, less congested and heavy, even as they are still recovering. I am confident the final outcome will prove superior in my quest to manage this disorder. Dr. Wright and his staff are outstanding partners on this journey together.”*

I Look Forward To My Appointments

“Dr. Thomas rate is one of the best doctors I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, both him and his staff put my mind at ease during my consultation. I look forward to my appointments for my upcoming procedures with Dr. Wright and his staff”*

I Was Kept Informed & Comfortable

Dr. Wright provided me with all the information I needed to make a solid decision about my Lipedema. I opted for liposuction on my thighs first. I was kept informed and comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Wright and the staff were awesome before, during and after the procedure. I was very nervous but they were reassuring and compassionate. He and his staff are well educated about Lipedema which made me feel I was in the best place for me.*

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